HellHell, we think of it as a fiery place where the devil has horns, red teeth and a pick fork, lurking in the dark, ready to devour whom he wishes. How long have we had this vision of hell? This vision seeks to put the devil in some far-off place  from us and our universe. With advancements in technology and the way we communicate and think, wouldn’t it be plausible that the devil has also advanced his image. The devil of the 21st Century……… stay tuned for this article.

 The first question that comes to mine concerning hell is “Is there a hellMatt 13:41- 50, 25:41 describes Hell as being originally carded for the devil and his band of angels who rebelled against God. These scriptures also describe it as a place for unbelievers of Christ. One could wonder, if God is such a loving God how could he allow people  to go to hell? God is just, Romans 2:11 and has provided salvation to all those who would come unto him John 3:16,17:2, Cor 5:15. He has placed our future in our hands.

Lets examine this with respect to our daily lives. “Why do we throw away garbage and if we don’t throw this garbage away what will be the result. Before these things became garbage they were once of value, just like in the case of human beings. Human beings that add value to human life and the cosmic well-being create the future. However when they become harmful to the future they are no longer of value and in fact their existence threatens well-being.

 Just like the garbage from our homes is taken to the city dump; even so hell is the place for human waste which is then taken to the cosmic waste dump. Those who continue to practice non-kosher ways cannot enter into the future 1 Cor 6:8-11 and will find their place in hell. Believing in hell doesn’t make it exist because it does but instead helps you to make better choices in life. We believe that there is a hell to shun and a kingdom to gain.

Brought to you by the FWM experience

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