Made of Honour

Made of Honour

God has to heal our broken spirits. He has to build character in us. One should take time to build character so that he or she will be ready to receive what God will give you. It has been observed that church revivals have never lasted. This was because it consisted of persons who had broken spirits that weren’t healed.

We can heal our broken spirits from the hurt and pain and have instead a super lifestyle one that is made of honour. We will be able to be the best of the best. First start by saying good things about yourself. You can do something good, identify that! Stop participating in verbal suicide. Use words that would uplift you for we are more than conquerors .Psalm 8:5  says” For thou hast made man a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour”,kjv. Man was made with honour, a little god. Honour means respect and esteem. God made man with high respect. Disrespect is the opposite to that of honour. Man was made to be achievers and builders of society.

Give honour to where honour is due. When we dishonour God we dishonour ourselves. Heb 11:24 Moses was not seduced by the seasonal pleasures of Pharaoh’s kingdom. He istead decided to honour the kingdom of God because he knew that the reward God would give would be much greater. Remember Esau gave up his blessing to appease his temporary lust for food. Even though Esau repented for many years, he never regained his birthright. Don’t place yourself in a position where you are begging to regain your position in God. There comes a point with God where he can reject you. Have respect for the things of God and honour your ministry. Honour your worship time and take time to pray.

This has been brought to you by the Flaming Word Experience

Excerpt from made of Honour 01.09.2010

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