Vindicate: to clear from criticism

In God everybody wins. God does not operate like the world system where some are higher than others. Every person has to have their own experience with God. God looks at us on an individual basis. Each of us have to stand before the throne of God alone.

We have to be filled with the holy spirit because it is very dangerous to be found empty. Evil Spirits that have left you such as drunkenness, lascivious etc all want to return to you and not alone but with seven other friends Matt 12:43.
The science of it is if we worship and bless the Lord he will bless us. God has given us the power to give so that we can become prosperous. To sweat ie. to work hard is a curse, Gen 1:19. God will vindicate us through miracles. Honour God through your praises with your first fruits Proverbs 3:7.

The world has used celebrities to defame Christianity for example Oprah Winfrey and her push for the new age movement where she claims there are many paths to God. Those who are honouring God will be vindicated by God. This is no time to be weak or follow the crowd and dishonour God. God will honour the humble, those who worship him on bended knees. There will be a sudden reversal of order.

Excerpt from Vindication  Sept 2010


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