Self Limiting

  Let’s look at Psalm 78:1. It is remarkable how often the Israelites provoked God in the wilderness. They brought God to a point of anger. It is important to find out how we can anger God an how not to do those things that would anger him. If you provoke God you will die in the wilderness as those Israelites. For us now this means that you could be waiting on God for something but you will never get it because of  your messed up actions. Now is the time to bless up and not mess up! People of God must move into God’s will.

The grief caused by the Israelites actually made the spirit of God be in pain. How did they do this? By rebelling against God, by wanting to return to Egypt. They wanted to turn back to return to the old ways and rituals. God wants you to press on, to want more of him, to renew our lives through him and become evovled beings.


 Prophetic words from Bishop Dave Alleyne 

The Spirit of God demands of you to seek his face like you have never done before. God said he will come running and flying to your door. He will knock on your door. You will hear him in the thunder as in the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came in as a mighty rushing wind. He will break down any limitations in your life.

Stay tuned for more from the Flaming Word experience…..

1 thought on “Self Limiting

  1. Sometimes waiting is the problem for most people. They want to live life in the fast lane and forget the goodness of God and dwell on the negativity. Its as simple as the instructions given in the book of James. BE PATIENT and let the Holy Spirit lead.


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