Don’t Let Go

 It is important for us to not waiver at this time and set our hearts upon the Lord. If you seek him he will he will find you. If you forsake him he will forsake you. You must not allow anything to come between you and your relationship with God. You must be willing to give up that which will not cause you to prosper in the Lord. Hold on to your faith” don’t let go” (Heb 10:23). Never allow yourself to reach the place where you place your trust in the natural like Asa (2Chron 16:12) or you believe that it is not important for you to assemble in the house of God. Hold on to the church, hold on to tithing, hold on to the Holy spirit! Complacency can put your salvation at risk. Hold on to your children (Gen 21:14-18), your relationship with God can save your from family or love ones from major disasters. God saved Lot because he knew that it would grieve Abraham. A saint of God never lets go, lift up your love ones in prayer, activate your angels to take hold of them to bring them to safety ( Gen 19:16).

This has been a Flaming word Experience sermon excerpt “Don”t Let Go”