Miracle time

Miracle through Tehillah 

 Sister Ava Fergusson from Long Island New York has been attending Flaming Word Ministry for the last three months. She has undergone many ailments which included five strokes over the pass 39 years. Though she regained her mobility after these strokes she was unable to raise her right further than her chest. At a healing service at Flaming Word Ministry while Bishop Dave Alleyne was singing a Tehillah before the Lord, the words ” Raise Your Hands ” resonated  in her heart from his song. Unknowingly during that time  she was able to raise her hand . The realisation came when she was doing her normal routine. She was able to raise her hand pain-freeHer left hand that used a metal to have it functioning properly also was no longer required. The surgery that this hand required is no longer needed . She gives God all the glory and praise and endorses Bishop Dave Alleyne’s healing anointing.