Healing time

Healing time for Joselyn Eligon

Joslyn Eligon is a woman, faithful to the house of God who serves in ministry as the leader of the FWM Praisers (choir). She continually experiences great blessings and has seen her life blossom in both career and family life at Flaming Word Ministry. However lately she has been ailing from excruciating headaches and her vision has been becoming blurred . One Wednesday-night service Prophet Dave Alleyne declared that there was someone with an eye problem who was going to be healed that night. Joslyn knew in her heart that she was that person and so she claimed her healing. After being anointed with oil by the Prophet she was filled with the Holy Spirit and an intense heat came over her body. Since then she has never experienced any more headaches or any blurred vision.

You want a healing?…….the time is now!!!!!