Good Works Part 2 by Prophet Dave Alleyne

A Prophetic Word From Prophet Dave Alleyne

People can save millions by just tapping into their healing. Make sure to press in when the Holy Spirit is moving. God will give me specifics about your condition so that you will know that it is you. But you have to receive you healing or blessing by saying “thank you“. You may not see anything happen to you at that time just as when Jesus spoke to the ten lepers. The evidence of their healing was only seen until they were on their way to show themselves to the priest. All they held on to was Jesus’ word.

By releasing your testimony you help keep God’s healing power in your life. You need this power so that you and your family would not suffer before death.


 Good Works Part 2

The word of God has the power to manifest worlds “Let there be light: and there was light” We must move from being reactive and instead use the word of God to manifest in our lives. Don’t limit yourself, whatever you want just have faith for it! Where do you get this faith? From hearing the word of God. Filling your life with unbelieve gets you no where. You have to release your faith. To do this you must seed your faith. The real work is putting faith into a seed. Faith must be accompanied by a seed. This seed must be commensurate to the things you want in life. Want big things then seed big!


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