Seed For Your Wheels……ZOOM ZOOM

 Seed For Your Wheels 

 Jenna had lost her vehicle in an accident and was in dire need of a car for her daily activities. She already tried to purchase a vehicle but was ripped off by the seller and was now cash-struck. The situation was affecting her and so she decided to act in faith and listen to Bishop Dave Alleyne and plant a seed towards a vehicle. In no time she received a car free of charge including insurance fees. Her faith has now heightened and she continues to see the blessings from the Lord.

From dust to acre……….

Jenna also participated in a soil ceremony where she brought a soil sample from a real estate that she wanted to acquire. In that ceremony Prophet Dave Alleyne anointed soil samples from land brought by various members of the congregation. Jenna claimed the real estate in faith during that ceremony an is now the proud owner of an acre of land.

Claim your miracle through a seed , NOW is time for healing, for blessing, for prosperity!