Breaking the hedge

Every time you break a hedge a serpent will bite you, Ecclesiastes 10:8. Every time we break our path in Christ the devil will affect you. When we stop assembling, (coming to church)  we break a spiritual hedge. It seems to be an innocent and insignificant act but it is a dangerous act that affects every path of your life. Not hearing the word of God depletes our faith relationship with God since faith comes from hearing  the word of GodRomans 10:17. When we aren’t hearing God’s word it gives way for the devil’s agenda to take presidence in our lives.

Life must be built on purpose. God has a purpose in mind for us. When something is not fulfilling its purpose it is abused. We have to understand what will help us serve our purpose. Any decision we have to make in life we need to ask this question ” Will this help me achieve my purpose in God?” “Will this grow my relationship in God?” Isn’t it time to but first things first!

DID YOU KNOW? – God pays you every time you come to church!!