2012 Prophetic Insight

Prophetic insight is an awesome thing and it  cannot be taken lightly. It allows us to check our life and escape the wrath of the devil and also participate in greater blessings from the Lord. With anything there are two sides,  good and evil so be aware of people who spread negative prophecies in your life. The Lord never said “be careful” but instead said “fear not”. People try to use prophecies to direct your life but the purpose of a prophet is to confirm what the Lord has spoken to you.

For this year 2012

1) Be diligent in all that you do, for example, church activities, work, relationships and family life. When you do things diligently the Lord will put you before kings. It is important to pay attention to small details cause missing these can hamper you from attaining success. It is no longer A for effort but A for success.

2) It is a year of abundance. Multitudes will follow you, John 6:1-11. Business people will have a lot of customers. You definitely have to set your mind to become wealthy and to live long. God gives time and time is what we need to accomplish things on this earth. The devil may give money but he does not give time. Time to enjoy the fruits of your success.

3) It is a year of extreme – Extreme weather conditions ( lightning & thunder storms), extreme mental conditions (one day you are high the next day you are low). With this extreme there would be an extreme movements of the Holy Spirit. People will be filled and filled again with the anointing, Is 10:27.

4) It is a year of miracles, people are going to experience miracles on a wider scale.

5) It is a year of controversy. Keep away from quarrels and confusion. Just walk away, it may save your marriage

6) Finally it is a year of end games – A lot of things are going to come to an end, marriages, people who are not walking right with the Lord, businesses. Negative things have to go

This has been a Flaming Word Experience , highlights of  prophecies given by Bishop Dave Alleyne on Old Year’s Night

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