Pain! Who wants it?

We have all gotten use to it and if we were to do a poll right now, we all would come to the conclusion that pain is a part of life. Your head hurts, your feet, your back, belly teeth, legs, stomach……. You name a body part and there is sure to be someone who has experienced pain in that region. The only group that benefits is the drug companies that make millions off our pain but never seem to cure. Believe it or not our bodies were not made for pain but instead for pleasure. No wonder why people get hooked on narcotics, food addictions, exercise, sex addictions, emotion addictions just to name a few. It is because we have been built for addiction……some refer to it as the hole, that missing piece where your life seems unfulfilled.

As the bible tells us man was created in Eden. Eden is pleasure realm, it is a place where the presence of the Lord resides. When Adam and Eve was thrown out of Eden, they started to endure the hardships of life. Eve bore children in pain, Adam had to toil to eat and they even lost a child to murder.

God does not want us to be in pain but he wants us full of joy but the thing is without his presence there would be pain. Pain is a signpost of not being in God’s presence because in his presence there is fullness of joy, Psalm 16:11

In 2012 it is time to press closer to God’s presence and touch him so that you can draw virtue from him. The missing piece in your life is the Holy Spirit. We can never have too much of it, in fact we gotta replenish it everyday, Eph 5:18.  Sad to say it does diminish if you don’t keep filling yourself and that is why it is soooo precious.

We are nothing without the anointing. Burn a human body and the mineral worth of it is insignificant. Our worth is our spirit connection, our spirits are immortal. We all have the capacity to respond the Holy Spirit. If you are thirsty and wanting more come unto the father and drink. This year make leaps in the spirit delve into the deep waters of God, it is not a time to step back but to leap forward into greater power.

This has been a Flaming Word Experience  excerpt from sermon 11/01/2012

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