The Superficial Life

A lot of us look at life and don’t know what is happening or rather why things are happening. We gallop through life’s ups and downs stressing over this and that and fighting situations with our mind (flesh). The thing is there is an invisible realm where things happen that affect us. Job was affected by a conversation that took place between Satan and God, Job 2: 1-7. He did not know this because he could not see the invisible. He was blocked by his own concepts about God in other words Job’s spiritual arteries were blocked. God does not want you to be scraping through life. He wants you to have plenty and that can only come from God’s power.

Believers can only affect this world by the manifestation of God’s power. God is ever-present that is, he is everywhere  but his power is not manifested everywhere. Jesus could not manifest power in Nazareth (do no miracles) because they did not believe, Mark 6:4-5. Faith has to become second nature to a believer, a part of the nervous system in order to manifest God’s power. Like everything in life practice makes perfect so practice faith in small things. Eventually you will master it and begin to operate in the realm of possibilities rather than impossibilities.

This has been a Flaming Word Experience, extract from sermon by Bishop Dave Alleyne copyright 2012

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