Building Character

“I would become a Christian if it wasn’t for Christians…….I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Two provoking and somewhat controversal statements made by Mahatma Gandhi the renowned leader of the Indian National Congress and an advocate for non-violence and truth in all situations. He claimed that his reason for not becoming a christian was due to christians’ behaviour.

If Mahatma Gandhi experienced it, consider what God thinks about our behaviour. Our lack of integrity; living up to the promises we have made; the back biting; the gossiping. Christians are often labelled as the worst kind of people who have no standards or sense of excellence. Why is that, when we serve a God of excellence, who always gives of his best and never goes back on his word.

God definitely wants to bless us and bless us abundantly but do we have the character to sustain it? Would we forget about God and our commitment to him if we were to attain more wealth. Would church now become option and our service to him be a “favour”. Let’s allow righteousness and integrity be the words associate with us

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