Does prayer work?


I am sure this question has been asked over and over throughout the world. Does prayer really work? I often marvel how people are quick to say “Take it to the Lord in prayer” but never heard them say how to make a successful prayer. Many believe prayer comes naturally but why do so many “christians” don’t do it and often  find it difficult to do.

Throughout Jesus’ course on the earth, he spent many hours praying, unlike his disciples.  They eventually realized the importance of prayer by Jesus’ ability to manifest miracles. Like many of us they did not know how to pray. In Luke 11: 1, a disciple asked Jesus to teach them to pray, just as John taught his disciples and so came the  “Our Father Prayer”.  A prayer which was never before recorded in the bible and would have been different to that taught by John. It is a model prayer that is done in a command format, that does not beg or belittle but deals with spiritual and physical situations.

Since this is a  pattern prayer then we need to learn the pattern. Any tool not operated properly might yield some or no benefits, and may even damage the operator . Therefore NOT PRAYING PROPERLY CAN AFFECT YOU NEGATIVELY, imagine that, you can make your situation worse. So what’s the use in praying? You are damned if you and damned if you don’t.

People often use the success stories of others as a reason not to pray. They see prayer as an unnecessary pastime. However these successful person can’t heal themselves, can’t perform miracles and save lives by the utterance of words. They all suffer the loss of their soul . Be guided that diligence is needed in your prayer life and your relationship with God. Jesus consistently set aside time to pray.

Prayer without faith is a dead action. Belief in what God said is true concerning you is vitally important. Use the model prayer and say to your mountain (problem) that you are victorious. Say that you are blessed and activate your angels to perform the tasks for you. Use God’s words back to him and successfully manifest your prayer.

Yes prayer works !

This has been a Flaming Word Experience, concepts derived by Bishop Dave Alleyne