shut-the-front-door-t-shirt-580x580God is saying not to limit yourself and not to hinder his word from working in your life. The blessing of God cannot work if certain things are not in place. Beware of hostile environments. Stop the nagging and quarreling! The anointing cannot work if there is negativity. This is how the 613 Mitzvahs play a role in your life. . The Mitzvahs teach us to become better persons and brings virtue back into our lives. We need to stay away from the BAITERS, from Dr. Phil’s book “Life Code”. The BAITERS are eight evil identifying traits, Backstabbers, Abusers, Imposters, Takers, Exploiters and/or Reckless people. There comes a time when you need to separate yourself and “shut the front door” on people who bring negativity to your life.

The 613 Mitzvahs guides us to become super-people with integrity and honesty and to become winners in this world . It is designed to destroy the beast within us. It also ties us to the  Abrahamic covenant and a christianity without the Abrahamic covenant is dead. This law protects us and without it there can be no grace. God is bringing his people into his Talith where he will put his laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts and he will be to them a God and they shall be to him a people   Heb 8:10 . 2013 is a year of proliferation, of twinning and of a lot of miracles.

This has been a Flaming Word Experience…. Excerpt from teachings given by Bishop Dave Alleyne founder and President of Praise City International