Living in the absence of GOd


Just as you can walk in the presence, you can also walk in the absence of God! How much of your time is spent acknowledging that God is part of your life? Do you just think on him when you go to church? How much do you rely on him to give you guidance on your jobs, relationships, business transactions?

Because most of the time we live in his absence, we are susceptible to disease, ill luck, disappointment and suffer from feeling less than a conqueror. The bible admonishes us to be filled and filled again and in his presence is joy evermore.

Have you ever noticed that rejoicing and sadness cannot exist in you at the same time. When we praise we vibrate at a level that is conducive for healing, for greatness. Its about a change in attitude, its about vibrating at a joy level, where you activate the particles in the air to resonate at a success level and every day will be a day of accomplishment.

God will accomplish some great things in your life Eph 4:13, put the power of God to the test.

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