Supermoon_5422 The Supermoon, the cosmic wonder where the moon is the closest to the earth. This is where the moon appears extra large and bright. If this great wonder can happen in the cosmic realm where does that leave the spiritual realm. A realm where anything is possible through Christ, who is the “son” of righteousness. The supermoon signals to us that the church is in a position to reflect the brightest light (God’s light) at this time. It signaled a day of renewal and happiness for the body of Christ. A day to get rid of old feelings of resentment.

Negative energies usually stop us from achieving our true potential. Instead of goodness and mercy followingΒ us all the days of your life, bad luck and unhappiness take their place. Do good things and good things will follow you. Psalm 147:1 and Deut 6:24 emphasize that it is good for us, that is in our benefit to praise the Lord and to follow his statues. So live your happiest life now! Do things that will benefit your life and stop enduring pain.

This has been a Flaming Word Experience

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