Covenants Not To Be Taken Lightly


A covenant is not to be taken lightly. A covenant always comes with a caveat ” buyer be warned” . God said I will make a covenant of peace with them Ezek 34:25. You cannot nullify a covenant. In the bible Jonathan entered into a covenant with David but when the time came for Jonathan to decide he was found at the side of his father (Saul) which resulted in his death. When you make a covenant, you can’t break it and if you break it you’ll bear the consequences of such.

Ezek 34:25 further says that ….. I will cause the evil beasts to cease out of the land. God keeps his covenants as evident throughout the bible. The world is going to become better amidst popular belief. There is a greater consciousness that is rising. There are new trends that are facing us. We can’t deal with life as we use to! Technology is improving and devices to make life easier are being created everyday. We are headed towards some exciting times.

Be not dismayed the time to enter into your season is now!!

This has been another Flaming Word Experience