Getting Intimate With God

Hey lovely people, its been a while since we have discussed our God relationship. There is currently a big buzz about being spiritual and getting in touch with your inner peace where you can increase your positive energies. However this is not what I would be discussing today.

Instead let’s talk about relationships! We all have them, mother-son, mother-daughter, sister-sister, husband-wife, friend-friend, friend-boss. Now our God-relationship, a God-link, what is it? It is an intimate commitment to seeking God, that is getting to know him, and he getting to know you.

Let me make this simple, getting to know him as you would get to know another human being. For instance, you would inquiry about their likes and dislikes, how you can please them and make them happy.

Just so with God but the great thing is, if you please God you will have great benefits. It is time for us to move pass having a casual relationship with God and instead have an intimate relationship. Where we can “kiss the son”, psalm 2:12 and become God’s favourite being entitled to five times more the measure, Gen 45:22.

This has been a Flaming Word experience.