Days of Awe


We have entered into the third day of awe (Omer) at Flaming Word Ministry. The days of awe started on Saturday 14th and ends on 24th of September. On the 24th we celebrate the day of Atonement where we enter into a new spiritual year.

The bishop’s instructions for today is to use your spiritual weapons of warfare and cast down vein imagination. Cast down those haunting images in your head of failure, poverty, sickness, fear of things going wrong, the possibility of pain, hurts, or losses happening to you.

I call on you to pull down strongholds these negative issues and conditions that have persisted in your life for years with no sign of letting up, having held on strong, to make your life miserable and a living hell. You can do it because God has given you the power – Behold I give you power over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means harm or hurt you Luke 10:19.

The power comes through the baptism of the Holy Spirit, Acts 1:8. The baptism comes with the evidence of speaking in unknown tongues and it puts the Christ in you. Only then you can do all things that create strength in you, Phil 4:13

I declare today! Speak in tongues today. Create a great day.