Prophetic Words for The Fourth Day of Awe


These Prophetic Words has been brought to you by Bishop  Prophet Dave Alleyne

 There is a spiritual place that I desire my children to live in, it is called Barak – Eulogia – the state of Blessedness!

This was the call that I made to Abraham many thousand years ago.

I ask him to leave the carnal life that he was living and follow my leading into a life of Blessedness and he was Obedient.

Even so, I call you today to enter a deeper walk with me and to… follow my leadings which my Spirit will place in your heart.

Barukh Atai Adonai! Jabez cried out unto me – Lord, that you would Bless me indeed! And I did! So would I do to you this day! –

Thus saith Elohim! – Create a Great Day –  And I further say to you, Yevarechechem Elohim!