Prophetic Word for Today

Today is a day of Salvation. The greatest question you will ever answer is “Are you saved?“. Make the decision today! This goes beyond quoting religious scriptures and participating in religious activities. It goes beyond trying to be good or doing the right thing or doing things right.

This is accepting Jesus as your Lord and saviour, believing in your heart that he died for you and your sins. He rose from the dead to empower you, to stand before heaven, earth and the underworld as one having power toΒ  prevail victoriously against every situation or challenge as a conqueror and more than a conqueror!

And to declare the same with your mouth, to yourselves, angels, demons, situations, the elements and every other thing exist or could exist.

If you do this now and throughout this day as one who is prophetically obedient you shall see the Power of Salvation and the Glory of God.

Create a great day!