The Great Transition


You must be prepared for The Great Transition that is coming and is already here! Take heed if you would be one of those that will overcome Death. Do not mock my warnings as those who did in the days of Noah!

Today I will teach you yet another truth that you must begin to practice everyday to prepare you. It is the mystery of Selah! It appears 74 times in the scriptures and has various forms in other languages.

Theologians have stumbled in darkness over this mysterious word throughout the ages, yet never fully understood it! But today I will finally reveal to you its significance.

There is a point in nature where particles change to waves and waves to particles; where water turns to vapor and ice turns to water; where reality is changed.

Scientists call it the point of Phase Transition and rightly so. Well, Selah is the moment of stillness of mind, body and soul where your reality is changed! It is the moment of being caught up in worship where your are free from entanglement and attachment to earthly things and you are one with creation.

It is beyond the feeling of what you call frenzy and euphoria and bliss! It is attaining this level that changes beyond your imagination will occur! When one tenth of the Earth’s population attains this, the Great Transition will occur spontaneously!

But now you can begin to experience your personal transition in your life as you practice this in meditation and worship! I will teach you more! Selah

This has been a Prophetic Word from Bishop Prophet Dave Alleyne.