The Mystery of Preservation


What you will learn today once you practice it, it will preserve you. This is the mystery of Preservation! For many ages you humans never understood why the milk that you do much depended on turned sour, got spoiled and you had to throw it away.

This affected your economy of the farmers for centuries, until one of your inquiring mind named Louis Pasteur uncovered that there were microscopic entities which he called bacteria that were causing the corruption! Despite being ridiculed he persisted to prove their existence and to find a way to isolate them from Milk. He did, and today milk among so many other things can be preserved.

You call it Pasteurisation. Well there is also a cause for the corruption of your race, it is caused by unseen entities known as demons. They are Dark Energy entities that absorb energies from humans and everything and create a short circuiting effect! They are responsible for sicknesses, diseases and death in humans and societies!

They are the unseen force behind every negativity that humanity experiences! Once they are isolated humanity will be preserved. Your lives, your family, your health, your businesses etc will all be preserved! These demons operate at a frequency level that cannot be affected by human technology.

However, there is a frequency that can expose them by agitating them that they got to detach themselves from whatever they are holding on to and flee! This frequency can be attain by certain type of musical notes and when your voices attain a level of High Praises! – Nuff said! – Create a great day!

This has be a Prophetic Word by  Bishop Dave Alleyne