miracleI am concerned how you continue to fall short of your Glory!

I am Glorified whenever you function in Glory!

Don’t misunderstand the meaning of Glory.

There is much I can tell you, but at this time I will make you aware of one aspect of Glory, which is to maximize your potential!

Now, learn this truth, you think of life as a Game. You refer to it as the Game of Life. I assure you that it is n…ot, rather your life is a Serious Experience! Serious in that it’s a series of events that qualify or disqualify you for higher and greater experiences of Life!

Your Life consists of  three (3) components – DEEDSWORDS and THOUGHTS! These are all interactive and are causal in creating experiences. Each one is a stand alone and comes into judgment. Your words are judged, your thoughts are judged and your deeds are judged. Together they determine your Level of Glory!

START TODAY, to seriously examine every component and make this habitual and look how your experience will attain greater Glory! Align your thoughts, your words and your deeds to my prophetic purpose and you will be qualified for Higher Levels of Life!

This has been a Prophetic Word by Bishop Prophet Dave Alleyne