We Were NOT Meant To Be *Angels*


My Spirit, my Holy Spirit is that part of me that represents the very essence of me! It is the most sacred part of me even as your spirit is the most sacred part of you.

The Holy Spirit is the projection of me that pervades all of creations. It is who I am and what I am, even before I was a Father or even a Son! My Spirit is the
way I move and by which I extend my being.

You were created Human and you are a Human Being even as I am a Spirit Being! Your humanness is limited by five (5) senses and through your senses your consciousness is formed and developed!

My desire is that Humanity be partakers of my Holy Spirit so that you can become Holy Human Beings and not what your Theologians have told you that your a Spirit and that you will become Spirit Beings.

I say to you that is False and a total misconception of my purpose in creating you! You were never meant to be angels that are spirits but you were meant to be a New Creation! My Jewel, my special well planned Workmanship, which is better described in your Greek language as Poema – or Master piece!

Adam’s creation was incomplete because he had not as yet received the Holy Spirit, so he was only a living or as you would say an Animated Soul. Jesus on the other hand is me clothed in Humanity receiving the Holy Spirit and becoming Human Spirit the first born of the New Humanity! No longer limited by the five (5) senses but being everything that I am!

Just as a son carries the DNA of his father! So as I close my message for this day, what I am saying to you is that you were created with a place for My Holy Spirit without which you are incomplete but once you receive My Holy Spirit you complete in Him!

Even as today is the last day in the Month of Landing – Ararat, My Spirit once again seeks to land as it did on Jesus at Jordan, as it did on the 120 that were in the Upper Room, on Holy Ground – you that have set aside yourself for this purpose ! – Create a Great day

This has been a prophetic word by Prophet Dave Alleyne