The Acid Test of Truth


Pay particular attention to what you are being taught, it will be the foundation that you will stand on as the Heaven and Earth is shaken. Everything that you stand on that is not truth will be shaken and it will collapse.

This is what you earthlings call the acid test of truth! You build your life on traditions, fables, false doctrines, philosophies and opinions and when, not if, it is shaken it will crash.

But when you build your life on truth, and note there are different types of truths which I will teach you in time, nevertheless today I refer to my Prophetic truth.

However, I want to make you more aware of your Humanness. You have not begin to explore the potential of it. I walked your Earth as a human to show you what you all can do! I walked on water to stir your curiosity, then I called the one called Peter to do it too!

I showed him how easy it can be done! Many times I informed people that they were able to conquer what were thought to be incurable diseases. I emphasized that it was their faith that did it!

I demonstrated that even children once influenced correctly can be healed of any and every form of diseases, even what you continue to refer as Death.

Jairus’ daughter, Lazarus, the son of the widow of Nain, the epileptic, the insane man of Gadara, the daughter of the Syrophoenician woman and so many others! They were not healed by the Son of God but by the Son of Man who knew that he was the Son of God!

Know this day that humans are the offsprings of God and begin to explore your potential! Defy aging, defy sickness and disease, defy death, defy the elements that are adversarial to you!

I have giving you humans a quality called the measure of Faith, now I tell you that you must use it!