What is Holiness?

What is Holiness?

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Everything that pertains to life and godliness comes to you when you are standing on Covenant Ground! All the suffering and pains that you see around you is as a result of people not standing on Covenant Ground!

Have I not decreed unto you that you must be Holy as I am Holy! Yet there has been so much confusion as to what is holiness! Everyone of your earthly religious sy…stems has their own concept of holiness.

Even among you that call yourself Christians! Everyone set their own standard of dress, of food, of drink, of appearance, of entertainment and so many other mundane things. Indeed, sometimes you make me laugh! My kingdom has never been about these external trivialities, but it was always about inward qualities, attitudes and realities. It was about separation from the kingdom of darkness and the kingdoms of this present world system that is fueled by hate and greed.

I am a Covenant God and I call on humanity to be a Covenant People! Not to be truce breakers and liars without integrity, but to be a people whose Word is their Bond in every aspect of your lives! As you do this Creation will begin to respect and honor your words! Every word that will proceed from your mouth will becomeΒ  a Prayer and will be creative! This is the beginning of Holiness, this is the real meaning of sanctification!

This has been a Prophetic Word from Bishop Dave Alleyne …………..