In 2014 God will be sealing his people. A great year for the redeemed of God.

In 2014 God is looking for ZEAL for the things of God.Where his praises needs to be seen.

This is a year of recovery, where things that were lost will be restored to you.

A year of renewal and re-imaging – Start looking new, buy some new clothes! Invest in looking good!

A year of life – newness & more vigor in your life.

A year of vision where dreams are accomplished.

A year of liberty , a time for good surprises and serendipity

This is the year of phenomena where there will be great wonders.

This a year of circles and cycles where every month is an opportunity to reflect and get better at life.

 Remember! be seen in 2014, DAZZLE THEM with your success. Don’t allow circumstances to keep you down, rise to new light. It is your time to show God’s power in your life.

However in 2014 disasters will double up  and there will be a lot of earthquakes in lives and on the earth. So the key this year is to lift up his high praises and seed towards your needs.

This has been a Flaming Word Experience 2014