The Lost Coin


Do you want to have a perfect life? But firstly, do you believe God’s word. The anointing of perfection is the key to a perfect life. We have to reach to a place where we are not able to find fault in each other.

How do we get to this? Every person is a manifestation of their heart and mouth. James 3:9. You can either release blessings or curses into your life. People tend to say and believe that they do know know what the future holds for them. However everyday you live, you create your future. Think good thoughts and create the future you want! The great thing is that in God there is no death but life.

What you do this year 2014 will impact in 2015. That is why we have to align our thoughts and tongues.

This had been a Flaming word Experience

This has been a Flaming Word Experience