Are You Stressed?

Take time out to check your stress level today. Do you smile or laugh a lot? Do you think of your job, your relationships, your life and steups….Your state of mind affects the state of your body.People die from stress. Why because they refuse to get off their “ass” and demand your blessing. Judges 1:14.

This is no time to be wimpy and soft. The message of the blood moon signifies unlimited grace upon the church. This is the year of Abib… The full ear of the corn. This is full harvest time. God has been waiting so that he can be gracious unto us.

The word gracious means God wants to spoil us. He wants to favour us, to show his nature and generosity towards us. God has been waiting to bend to our will. Whatsoever things you desire, Mark 11:24.

Believe that you receive and ask your heart’s desire.