Bold prayer honours God and God honours bold prayer. This is the type of prayer that will shake the world. God is not offend by your biggest dream. This is not a time for weak prayer for crying and begging.

Be careful of people who come with their rational mind and discouraged you from your dream. Christians have been the biggest advocate of living in the past and hindering mankind from moving forward because they had/ have a small view of God.

John Knox said ” a man with God is always in the majority” . Understand your authority when God is on your side. The redeemed will exalt a nation because God has given the earth to us.

God wants us to be a wonder of this world to shine brighter than all others like and even better than Daniel who outdid his companions ten times over.

God is offend when our prayers are small and not impossible to you. Every time you achieve an impossible thing your faith in God will grow.  Step out today ….bold knowing that you are redeemed by the blood of the lamb.

This has been a Flaming Word Experience