ViBrAtIoNs have power…..emit +ve vibes

Consider the butterfly effect where one seemingly insignificant action of the flapping of the butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane some weeks later.

Just so with the anointing.When you are filled with the holy Ghost you send out miracle vibrations. Miracles to heal and deliver, Mal 4:2. God provides miracles free range as water. We do not have to pray for them.

The air is where vibrations function. The devil is the Prince of the air, Eph 2:2. Therefore we must vibrate more in the anointing to affect our environment.

The key is to desire more of the anointing. Hunger and thirst for it, knowing that what you are doing is impacting the environment, breaking yokes and healing the down -trodden.

Don’t take for granted your visitation. Your visitation is to deposit things in you. It is not you who are waiting on your blessings but your blessings that are waiting for you to receive them. You need to release your burdens and stress. Change your frequencies. Vibrate miracles!!!

This has been a Praise City moment

#happycathedral where happy people meet