What is the REAL change maker?

New revelations will come from God everyday.This is why it is very important not to forsake the assembling of the body of Christ i.e. coming to church. This will allow us to understand why certain things are not working. However people like to continue in their traditions even though it may be a non working system.
We have to look at things in a result oriented way. People pray and their prayers are not answered. Why ? because they may be missing a part in the puzzle. But what is the real change maker ? Nothing but the Holy Spirit. Teachings cannot really change people but holding on to God  which increases the love of God in your heart Rom 5:5 can.

But what makes your barren field luscious again? ……..joy…..rejoicing. Everyday is an opportunity to be glad and rejoice in the Lord. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Pain gone, disease gone….. Life abundantly!