Take the clock off of snooze

Today the common cry is that we need a REVIVAL!!! A REVIVAL in the hearts of believers. Why??? Because the church of God is currently not operating in its place of power. The hands of the believers are dropping and there is a need for power and fire to be rekindled in the people.

But is this what we really require?Revivals are usually only here for a season and are not permanent. People get excited about a movement of God and then go dormant in the next. A spiritual tidal wave of highs and lows.

What we require instead is unity in faith where we become our brother’s spiritual keepers. We become steadfast in keeping the flame lit in temple. Where we are the temple and the fire is the anointing, Rom 12:10, 1Peter 3:8.

As the song writer said Burn baby burn…disco inferno. Turn it up with praise!!!!!!

Let us not be like the foolish virgins who allowed their oil to go low and their light to go out, Matt 25:1-13. Fan the flame and feed the fire of holy Spirit that brings enabling power.

Together we must ensure that we aren’t fools and don’t allow those who have been awaken to snooze, Eph 5:14.

Believers…..remember the Lord thy God. Place things in front of you to remind yourself… singing in psalms and spiritual songs to keep you fire burning. The time to manifest is now!!!

This has been a Flaming Word experience