Passover seder

Easter celebrations, remembering the holy week.

Praise City International celebrated the Passover Seder on Thursday 28th March. This feast was done with Jewish families to teach their children that God will intervene. The Jews taught their people faith by remembering how God delivered them.

Two thousand years ago Jesus arranged for a supper. THE LAST SUPPER was the Passover. There were two Passovers that year. This year also signal a year of two Passover with the phenomenon of the super blue blood moon.

The moon was appointed for signs to mark sacred times and seasons, Gen 1:14. The super blue moon signals the second Passover and the blood moon the blood on the mercy seat.

Prophetically spoken by Bishop Dr. Dave Alleyne……. this signals that the whole world will be receiving great grace from God in 2018. God will intervene in 2018.

For the Passover Seder God choose the four cups of wine, ex 6:6-7 to remind us of God’s four areas of intervention.

1. God said I will bring you out ( wake up call)

2. I will deliver ( I will free you in a blink of an eye) No matter what situation God will deliver you

3. The cup of redemption ( buy back, atonement). God will redeem even the undeserving.

4. Having a now relationship with God. Building strong relationships with God and each other.

Stay tuned for more……………Easter celebrations with Praise City International.

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