See it πŸ‘€, Believe it

Don’t panic 😡😧 .. Fear not!!. Be anxious for nothing. I am sure these words sound mildly familiar. But as all behaviours, fear and panic is learnt and to make matters worse fear and worry is associated with the word caring. Do you think God worries about his word? Didn’t he say that he watches over his word to perform it.

Do you think God does not know or sees all things or do you believe he is blind sided at times. This might be hard to digest but God created the devil πŸ’€. Why ? for sport. If there is no challenge us, how can you demonstrate the power of God? The key is in seeing the victory.

Every miracle Jesus performed he declared it so that the person could invision it, Believe it then do it.

It is time to see that miracle. See the house, the car, the healing, the success…. Wipe the clouds from your eyes and walk into victory.

This has been a Flaming Word experience😁😁😁😁