About Us

Flaming Word Ministry’s “Praise City” is located in Chaguanas on the twin island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago but its membership spans throughout the world. It is an organisation that is not only concerned with the spiritual well being of a person but all aspects of life. It strives to improve the quality of life for all people and especially those in Trinidad and Tobago.

The founder, president & CEO of FWM

The founder, president & CEO of FWM

Bishop Dave Alleyne is the  founder and President of Praise City International at Caroni Savannah Road, Chaguanas. Over the years Bishop Alleyne’s sermons have been known to motivate and encourage people into breaking the bondages of poverty and third world thinking.

His Ephod Ministry (one that explains the deeper things) allows him to see things in the bible that other prophets and biblical teachers may dismiss. To allow for this, his ministry is accompanied by a strong presence of the Holy Spirit –  a presence visibly manifested in the hearts and bodies of people who fall under the power of the anointing which comes with the laying of hands at his services.

He has also demonstrated an uncanny level of Prophetic accuracy in declaring national and international occurrences, including earthquakes, fires and tsunamis long before they happen. This is coupled with a very strong healing anointing, evidenced by the numerous people who have testified of being healed.

As a conference and motivational speaker, he has also spoken at various fora the world over including New York, Miami, Texas, China, India,Caracas, Brazil, Guyana and locally in Trinidad and Tobago. He sees his vision as a man called of God to build a City of  Praise along with a 40,000 strong congregation in Trinidad – a country he sees as soon to be the hub of worldwide evangelism and kingdom teachings.

“My vision is to raise a people to declare the Power of God. To break the effect of “Third World-ism” within the Caribbean and Latin American regions and to see true prosperity and freedom manifested to a people who have once experienced oppression, discrimination and segregated,” said Bishop Alleyne, a one-time senior manager at the now defunct Caroni (1975) Limited.

This vision has so consumed his every fibre that he was propelled to author 27 books which dealt on wide ranging issues ( not only on spiritual matters as one may tend to think)  but on health and wellness, money management and attaining one’s truest potential while on earth. Some of these books include: “Live and Not Die,” “Glorious Liberty – Beyond The Imagination,” “New Dynamics For Living,” “Quantum Miracle Dynamics – The Journey Into Wellness.”

And yet there’s still much more to Bishop Alleyne. He is also a savvy entrepreneur as evidenced by his wise business and investment acumen at Praise City International, the holding company of various ministries and business units. Among such investments include the Herman Pulwarty Mall which houses various businesses and serve as a centre of commerce for the communities of Charlieville, Chaguanas and Felicity.

He is also a community leader, positively impacting almost every sphere of life (religion, sport, education, health, crime, social as well as the Creative & Performing Arts) within the national landscape of Trinidad and Tobago.

In this regard, he continues to partner with state agencies (including the Police and the Government Ministries), Constituencies, the Chaguanas Borough Corporation and other Non-Governmental and Sporting organisations in addressing pressing issues confronting the nation.

Through countless seminars and workshops, issues which have been previously addressed and which he continues to tackle include child abuse, patriotism, and alcohol, cancer, obesity and domestic violence.

Never one to forget the young people, Bishop Alleyne has also conceptualised the first “Gospelypso Tent” for the 2001 Carnival season. With the theme “Tabernacle of David,” Bishop Alleyne created an avenue for young people to express their ideas in our unique indigenous style, identifying with their original mode of expressions and not that of others – whether foreign or learnt.

Another major medium which he has formulated to allow for expression by our young people is the hugely popular “Glorifest” programme incorporating dance, music, songs, drama and preaching.

As a man after God’s heart, this Husband, Father, Prophet, Teacher, Bishop, Leader, Pastor and Reverend, there’s no stopping Dave Alleyne for he has only just gotten started.