The Oil of Joy

The “Oil of Joy” taken from Isaiah 61:3 is a unique brand established by Flaming Word Ministry. The oil consists of a blend of specially selected ingredients that was created under the  guidance of Bishop Dave Alleyne.

The word oil is used several times in the bible and we often speak of it in reference to “the anointing”. The bible says that one should anoint themselves with oil daily so that there would be no lack  (Ecc 9:8 ). Therefore it is true to say that there must not be a  scarcity of the anointing in one’s life. The psalmist in Ps 23:5 indicated that God anointed his head with oil until it overflowed, showing the abundance of the anointing in his life.

This oil of joy is used to anoint people, things and even animals. For we believe that miracles can be transferred through every drop.

It is advisable to anoint oneself at the beginning of each day so as bring into remembrance the anointing of God in one’s life.