To build a city called  Praise City, the praise Capital of the world where God manifests himself continuously in a church of 20,000 strong which shall be the hub of worldwide teachings on Kingdom principles, power and praise

Vision Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father Almighty God, you have called us out of the divers walks of life to come together to fulfill this divine task, to build for you and unto you a city called Praise City, where your children can come from near and far to offer unto you their sacrifices of praise continually, the fruit of their lips giving thanks.

We know that thou desirest not sacrifice, nor delightest in burnt sacrifices of sheep and bullocks, but the sacrifice of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart. Your word declares that whosoever offereth praise glorifieth you. Therefore, we build this city as the walls of Jerusalem, a monument of faith, a holy altar where your children can come and offer burnt offering and whole burnt offering: the calves and bullocks of our lips wherewith thou shall be pleased.

A city where people can experience “great miracles”. The eyes of the blind will be opened; the dumb will speak; the deaf will hear; the lame will walk and the maimed will be made whole performed in thy Holy Name, as they honour you with their praises. A city where your people will show forth your praises, will make your praise glorious, triumph in your praises and become a praise – A living Tehillah unto you.

Strengthen our hearts and hands that we will not be discouraged, or be overtaken by any negative influence that may hinder us from accomplishing this noble calling. Help us to rise above division and differences to stay true to this purpose. We firmly believe that through your grace we will accomplish the “Great Work” in Jesus’ name Amen.

Ref: Heb 13:15, Ps 50:23, 51:17-18, 66:2, 106:47, Isa 5:6, 1Peter 2:9, Zeph 3:20