The Blessing


Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

The blessing is a very special impartation which cannot be confused with a blessing. The blessing has weight that no man can revert not even GOD can reverse it, Numbers 23:20 Behold, I have received commandment to bless: and he hath blessed; and I cannot reverse it. We see this in motion when Isaac imparted the blessing to Jacob, Gen 27:27-29, it was irreversable and not even Isaac could recant it. A blessing on the other hand is singular in nature and relates to a specific area.

Abraham gave to his son Isaac the blessing. This blessing is transferrable and brings with it numerable and innumerable benefits. Abraham gave Isaac all that he had , Gen 13:2 (numerable) and also gave the power to be prosperous in everything (innumerable). He passed on the multiplying effect which was part of the Abrahamaic covenant. This same blessing was then transfered to Jacob by Isaac.

Though the impartation was completed by Abraham. The activation of the blessing only came through a specific action. This action was sowing. In Gen 8:22 God said as long as the earth remaineth seedtime and harvest. The blessing was activated when Isaac sowed Gen 26:12, Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him.

If you accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour, we also have access to this same great blessing because Jesus redeemed us by his blood. So by his grace we have access to this multiplier blessing. Just like Isaac we can activate our blessings by sowing.

Exponetial life or energy as in Eistein’s theory (e=mc²) is laid domant in the seed. The only way to release its full potential is to sow it. A seed can answer any question in life. It can open doors, it can expose the truth. However it can only achieve this by being planted on good ground, Mark 4:5 and the percentage of yield is determine by your faith ,Math 9:29.

This has been a Prophetic Flaming Word Experience .



Outgive God💰

Does the world have problems? How do we solve them?

Today let us share some answers. The answer to the world’s problems is in the sowing of seeds……..Let us give you a moment to think on this 😕 💭.

God has given you seeds to sow. For every situation there is a seed response You can either choose to plant it and receive a harvest 🌾 🌾 🌾 or eat it and produce…..💩💩💩. .

Planting….. which is giving with intention….. is an act of love😍 and sacrifice. God loves a cheerful giver 😀 😀, 2Cor 9:7.

If you sow sparingly you reap sparingly, Prov11:24. Try to OUTGIVE God and see if he will not surpass your expectations.

⚠️ ⚡ ⚠ ⚡⚠️ ️Take heed…..

Avoid encouraging others to give grudgingly.

…Every time you force someone to give an offering, you are contravening the word of God. Remember God knows the heart 💓 of a person. Just as in the laws of the land, INTENTION is key.

Lastly, as in all farming 🚜 practices it is important to plant on fertile ground🌎 . Where is fertile ground? I will leave you with this thought…consider Moses’ rod and how it budded………Until next time..

This has been a Flaming Word Experience

Atonement 2014


The beginning of the new spiritual year. A time to remember that we are redeemed by the blood of the lamb. That we are in father and the father is in us.


A time for the blessing of the elements, fire , water, earth, air.

As the Menorah is lit it represents that where there may be evil and corruption, light will always prevail. Also a time to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


We pray for all ethnicities that the human race will grow not to have racial divide but instead oneness. That people will become prosperous and poverty will no more prevail.


This has been a Flaming Word Experience……. Atonement 2014
Happy New Year!

Prayer Masters

In this year of prayer, the Lord is challenging man’s wisdom. We as believers must demonstrate the spirit and the power. Our faith should stand in the wisdom of men.

God wants to raise up people who will be real prayer masters. People who can move mountains or shape the course of history.

Often, our eyes are only on ourselves….. in our own world. It is time to lift your eyes from your situation and ask.

The world today says get up and go…… I say get up and pray. We have not because we ask not. The true masters of this world know how to access the things of God.

Poverty is a Lack of Understanding of Creation

WealthI want you to start to increase your FINANCIAL STATUS. You must begin to manifest abundance in wealth! This is very important to fulfilling the Divine Destiny of the Earth! That which is called Poverty is a lack of understanding of creation!

In fact there should never be any lacks not even in understanding! However, that is the illusion you earthlings experience and it has become your reality. The truth is that I created your world with the abundance of everything! More than you can ever imagine or use, but you were deceived to believe otherwise!

When you know this truth, greed and wars will stop! But that is for another day. Today, I want you, to whom this message comes, to experience More Energy in your life which is the secret of Money! MONEY IS ENERGY. It is a friendly energy! Money vibrates at a particular frequency!

You must begin to LIFT your Mind above fear and lacks and needs and embrace the Abundance of your world! See abundance in everything, THINK ABUNDANCE IN EVERYTHING, love in abundance, give in abundance, praise in abundance! It’s all around you! You have the power within you to create great wealth! Know it!

Do it! Restore my abundance on this earth! You are my vessels that I have chosen to pour out my great abundance into your world! I have hidden that abundance in a secret place! My great treasures is in earthen vessels, yes, it was in you all the time. Stored away in your Hearts! Now I want you to bring it out. Out of the  Abundance of the Heart the mouth speaketh! Speak no more of lacks but from this day forward speak only of abundance!

This has been a Prophetic Word by Bishop Prophet Dave Alleyne

Being rich is better than being poor

What would you rather be a poor christian who cannot afford anything or one who is rich like Abraham? Abraham was rich in cattle,silver and gold as seen in Gen 13:2. A lot of people believe that blessings in the christian society are not manifested in terms of riches but instead spiritual gifts. This is not true. The bible shows the great men of God as being full with abundance. The world does not respect poverty. If your God is so great why can’t you afford. Why do you always beg if your God is the great provider?

There are those who believe that only the true descendents of Abraham are entitled to these riches but Gal 3:7 reminds us that ….. they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham. Also Gal 3:8. emphasises that the nations will be rich so it’s not just individual blessing but that which extends to nations. We are often told to look at the cross or to look at Jesus for an increase in blessings. However our blessings did not originate from Jesus but from the Abrahamic covenant. Abraham is our standard, Isaiah 51:2 says look unto Abraham your father…… for I called him alone, and blessed him and increased him. We are stepping into a season where the wilderness will be like Eden and the desert like the garden of  God, Isaiah 51:3.

This has been a Flaming Word Experience!

Building Character

“I would become a Christian if it wasn’t for Christians…….I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Two provoking and somewhat controversal statements made by Mahatma Gandhi the renowned leader of the Indian National Congress and an advocate for non-violence and truth in all situations. He claimed that his reason for not becoming a christian was due to christians’ behaviour.

If Mahatma Gandhi experienced it, consider what God thinks about our behaviour. Our lack of integrity; living up to the promises we have made; the back biting; the gossiping. Christians are often labelled as the worst kind of people who have no standards or sense of excellence. Why is that, when we serve a God of excellence, who always gives of his best and never goes back on his word.

God definitely wants to bless us and bless us abundantly but do we have the character to sustain it? Would we forget about God and our commitment to him if we were to attain more wealth. Would church now become option and our service to him be a “favour”. Let’s allow righteousness and integrity be the words associate with us

BE PART OF OUR613Service on June 13th 2012

2012 Prophetic Insight

Prophetic insight is an awesome thing and it  cannot be taken lightly. It allows us to check our life and escape the wrath of the devil and also participate in greater blessings from the Lord. With anything there are two sides,  good and evil so be aware of people who spread negative prophecies in your life. The Lord never said “be careful” but instead said “fear not”. People try to use prophecies to direct your life but the purpose of a prophet is to confirm what the Lord has spoken to you.

For this year 2012

1) Be diligent in all that you do, for example, church activities, work, relationships and family life. When you do things diligently the Lord will put you before kings. It is important to pay attention to small details cause missing these can hamper you from attaining success. It is no longer A for effort but A for success.

2) It is a year of abundance. Multitudes will follow you, John 6:1-11. Business people will have a lot of customers. You definitely have to set your mind to become wealthy and to live long. God gives time and time is what we need to accomplish things on this earth. The devil may give money but he does not give time. Time to enjoy the fruits of your success.

3) It is a year of extreme – Extreme weather conditions ( lightning & thunder storms), extreme mental conditions (one day you are high the next day you are low). With this extreme there would be an extreme movements of the Holy Spirit. People will be filled and filled again with the anointing, Is 10:27.

4) It is a year of miracles, people are going to experience miracles on a wider scale.

5) It is a year of controversy. Keep away from quarrels and confusion. Just walk away, it may save your marriage

6) Finally it is a year of end games – A lot of things are going to come to an end, marriages, people who are not walking right with the Lord, businesses. Negative things have to go

This has been a Flaming Word Experience , highlights of  prophecies given by Bishop Dave Alleyne on Old Year’s Night

Manifesting your desires

  Manifesting your desires


I am sure you have dreams and desires and as I write this you are probably thinking about them right now. A new car, a house, a good relationship or even just new clothes. Too many people die with unfulfilled dreams. They give up their ghost (spirit) even though God promised them good measure, Luke 6:38.  The thing is, how do we manifest these blessings? We know that whatever you shall ask in my name ( Jesus), that will I do  John 14:13. So what is stopping us? The first response might be sin, but Rom 3: 23 says that we all fall short of the glory of God yet some people seem to be more prosperous than others. But, was is sin but not us “missing the mark” and why do we miss the mark because we are not vibrating on a high level.

We still operate from anger, guilt and shame which prevent us from manifesting. When we start vibrating from love, joy and peace then things will flow  in our lives. How we think about ourselves that is what we will attract. Our language must be different , death and life are in the power of the tongue Prov 18:21. We need to stop our minds from going to those negative places of depression and shame and get our minds in a joyous state. Stop the language of can‘t. I can’t afford, I can’t learn, I can’t make it instead profess that you are a money-maker, a winner, a solution finder. Let us open our eyes to the biggest of our God, 2 kings 6:15. Know first who you are and then you will be able to operate from a position of power. We are a representation of who our God is, it is our responsiblity to take part in the divine nature of God.