The Blessing


Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

The blessing is a very special impartation which cannot be confused with a blessing. The blessing has weight that no man can revert not even GOD can reverse it, Numbers 23:20 Behold, I have received commandment to bless: and he hath blessed; and I cannot reverse it. We see this in motion when Isaac imparted the blessing to Jacob, Gen 27:27-29, it was irreversable and not even Isaac could recant it. A blessing on the other hand is singular in nature and relates to a specific area.

Abraham gave to his son Isaac the blessing. This blessing is transferrable and brings with it numerable and innumerable benefits. Abraham gave Isaac all that he had , Gen 13:2 (numerable) and also gave the power to be prosperous in everything (innumerable). He passed on the multiplying effect which was part of the Abrahamaic covenant. This same blessing was then transfered to Jacob by Isaac.

Though the impartation was completed by Abraham. The activation of the blessing only came through a specific action. This action was sowing. In Gen 8:22 God said as long as the earth remaineth seedtime and harvest. The blessing was activated when Isaac sowed Gen 26:12, Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him.

If you accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour, we also have access to this same great blessing because Jesus redeemed us by his blood. So by his grace we have access to this multiplier blessing. Just like Isaac we can activate our blessings by sowing.

Exponetial life or energy as in Eistein’s theory (e=mc¬≤) is laid domant in the seed. The only way to release its full potential is to sow it. A seed can answer any question in life. It can open doors, it can expose the truth. However it can only achieve this by being planted on good ground, Mark 4:5 and the percentage of yield is determine by your faith ,Math 9:29.

This has been a Prophetic Flaming Word Experience .



The power of the Blessing


The power of the blessing is not be taken lightly. It is more powerful than money. Today we see the impact of Noah’s blessing on his three sons. The blessing known as the Grace of God in the new testament is transferable.

We see a trail of impartations of the blessing in the bible from Noah, Isaac, Jacob, Moses…… Grace is all sufficient, 2 Cor 12:9, and defies all logic. No need to haunt yourself by man made righteousness. GOD does not deal with your trespasses, psalm 103:12

However you have to grow in grace. Growth can only come when there is new knowledge. Knowledge that Jesus paid the price for our sins and we are no longer under the law but Grace. Understanding that the kingship was passed on to him through the blessing that Joseph bestowed on Judah.

Grace is inexplicable and does not follow reason or operate by the laws of science. A higher law comes in to focus as in miracles. A law that turns nothing (the God particle) to something…. Let the grace of God be established in you today. In 2018 trust in grace.

This has been a Flaming Word experience

Happy 2017…Now let us go unto Perfection

We are living in a time of new knowledge. Be wary of experience, it is knowledge from the past especially when new revelations are being revealed everyday. Think about it….standing in the wave of the tide will only push you over. It is time to open your mind to the new things that God is ready to share with us. Move with the flow of the anointing…. rewire those circuits for higher voltage.
It is all about timing. You must be time relevant. Expired teachings must be put aside. Living long is also dependent on this.You cannot put new wine in old wine skin. It will burst!!!!

2017 is a time of promotion in the house of God. It is a time for God to lift up God’s people. In the seventeenth year the windows of heaven were opened, Gen 7:11, a time for the high praises of God to be in the mouth of God’s people, Pslam 149:6. It is time for you to render unto God the things that are for God.What belongs to God?…the tithe, the seed, the firstfruit, the high praises, Sunday worshp. Don’t be left behind….this has been a Praise City moment. #happycathedral, where happy people meet.

What is man?

What is man?  For ages man has been searching and continues to search for his identity. Is man another beast of the field who bestows bestiality on others. Where one man wants to demean and exert his “pseudo superiority” on another.

When we see the cruelty of man and the terrible injustices that has plagued this world. It brings light to the scripture Jer 17:9, the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it.

Think about it, natural life can evolve into anything. Human beings can turn to exhibit the behaviour of any type of animal, if left on his own. Consider this, the nature of man sometimes remind us of animals. When we say people behave as dogs, donkeys and even as snakes.

Are these vial natures that which God intended us to be. I would say no, since we were made in the image and likeness of God. The difference between man and God is that God knows who he is, “I am that I am “. Man was made with exactness and precision. The design of man was never seen before and was likened unto God.

The true characteristics of man are caught up in Rev 4:8, these four natures, the lion, eagle, man and ox. A lion does not turn back, the righteous are as bold as a lion. The eagle is the king of the birds and flies higher than everything else. Man walks upright on two legs and has feelings and emotions. The ox, is large but it is not too big to carry someone else’s load and is willing to serve others.

So I ask again what is man? Isn’t it time for you to find out who you are?

This has been a Flaming Word Experience!

Prayer Masters

In this year of prayer, the Lord is challenging man’s wisdom. We as believers must demonstrate the spirit and the power. Our faith should stand in the wisdom of men.

God wants to raise up people who will be real prayer masters. People who can move mountains or shape the course of history.

Often, our eyes are only on ourselves….. in our own world. It is time to lift your eyes from your situation and ask.

The world today says get up and go…… I say get up and pray. We have not because we ask not. The true masters of this world know how to access the things of God.

Being rich is better than being poor

What would you rather be a poor christian who cannot afford anything or¬†one who is rich like Abraham? Abraham was rich in cattle,silver and gold as seen in Gen 13:2. A lot of people believe that blessings in the christian society are not manifested in terms of riches but instead spiritual gifts. This is not true. The bible shows the great men of God as being full with abundance. The world does not respect poverty. If your God is so great why can’t you afford. Why do you always beg if your God is the great provider?

There are those who believe that only the true descendents of Abraham are entitled to these riches but Gal 3:7 reminds us that ….. they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham. Also Gal 3:8. emphasises that the nations will be rich so it’s not just individual blessing but that which extends to nations. We are often told to look at the cross or to look at Jesus for an increase in blessings. However our blessings did not originate from Jesus but from the Abrahamic covenant. Abraham is our standard, Isaiah 51:2 says look unto Abraham your father…… for I called him alone, and blessed him and increased him. We are stepping into a season where the wilderness will be like Eden and the desert like the garden of ¬†God, Isaiah 51:3.

This has been a Flaming Word Experience!

Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds¬†“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our minds.
Have no fear for atomic energy,
‘Cause none of them can stop the time” Bob Marley Redemption Song.

OOH La La ! What  a beautiful song from Bob Marley that is deep and meaningful  but is still able to soothe the mind. I use this song to emphasize that we are the key to releasing our minds.

Every day¬†we complain about life’s issues¬†because we fail to act on the word of God. God says in everything give thanks, that is,¬†give thanks for the good, the bad and even the ugly things in life.¬†Don’t you know that such a lil thing as giving thanks can benefits us greatly!

When we give thanks we bring a new perspective to a situation. A new light is shone on it. We may even begin to forgive ourselves in the process because face it, we are our own worst enemy. We condemn ourselves much more than¬†anyone else would.¬† So I have a question “Are we¬†¬†devils in disguise¬†since the devil is the accuser of the brethren?”.

Let us instead, go towards the path of having a heart of thankfulness leaving the old grumpy man behind. Let us not enslave ourselves by our words. Let us shift into the realm where the conceivable is believable. remember, we alone can free our minds.

This has been a Flaming Word Experience


Supermoon_5422 The Supermoon, the cosmic wonder where the moon is the closest to the earth. This is where the moon appears extra large and bright. If this great wonder can happen in the cosmic realm where does that leave the spiritual realm. A realm where anything is possible through Christ, who is the “son” of righteousness. The supermoon signals to us that the church is in a position to reflect the brightest light (God’s light) at this time. It signaled a day of renewal and happiness for the body of Christ. A day to get rid of old feelings of resentment.

Negative energies usually stop us from achieving our true potential. Instead of goodness and mercy following us all the days of your life, bad luck and unhappiness take their place. Do good things and good things will follow you. Psalm 147:1 and Deut 6:24 emphasize that it is good for us, that is in our benefit to praise the Lord and to follow his statues. So live your happiest life now! Do things that will benefit your life and stop enduring pain.

This has been a Flaming Word Experience


Before you were born God knew you. You were sent here by God. YOU are not a mistake created by your mother and father. God knew you before the ovum fertilized the sperm, before your grandparents were born. Understand that you have power and your soul has great value.

Never look back and long for debauchery and corruption as Lot’s wife but look forward, towards righteousness and the things of God.

Live Long, Live Happy, Live life like Christ, a true conqueror and trend setter.


shut-the-front-door-t-shirt-580x580God¬†is saying not to limit yourself and not to¬†hinder his word from working¬†in your life. The blessing of God cannot work if certain things are not in place. Beware of hostile environments. Stop the nagging and quarreling! The anointing cannot work if there is negativity. This is how the 613 Mitzvahs play a role in your life. . The Mitzvahs teach us to become better persons and brings virtue back into our lives. We need to stay away from the BAITERS, from Dr. Phil’s book “Life Code”. The BAITERS¬†are eight evil identifying¬†traits, Backstabbers, Abusers, Imposters, Takers, Exploiters and/or Reckless people. There comes a time when you need to separate yourself and “shut the front door” on people who bring negativity to your life.

The 613 Mitzvahs guides us to become super-people with integrity and honesty and to become winners in this world . It is designed to destroy the beast within us. It also ties us to the  Abrahamic covenant and a christianity without the Abrahamic covenant is dead. This law protects us and without it there can be no grace. God is bringing his people into his Talith where he will put his laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts and he will be to them a God and they shall be to him a people   Heb 8:10 . 2013 is a year of proliferation, of twinning and of a lot of miracles.

This has been a Flaming Word Experience…. Excerpt from teachings given by Bishop Dave Alleyne founder and President of Praise City International