Passover seder

Easter celebrations, remembering the holy week.

Praise City International celebrated the Passover Seder on Thursday 28th March. This feast was done with Jewish families to teach their children that God will intervene. The Jews taught their people faith by remembering how God delivered them.

Two thousand years ago Jesus arranged for a supper. THE LAST SUPPER was the Passover. There were two Passovers that year. This year also signal a year of two Passover with the phenomenon of the super blue blood moon.

The moon was appointed for signs to mark sacred times and seasons, Gen 1:14. The super blue moon signals the second Passover and the blood moon the blood on the mercy seat.

Prophetically spoken by Bishop Dr. Dave Alleyne……. this signals that the whole world will be receiving great grace from God in 2018. God will intervene in 2018.

For the Passover Seder God choose the four cups of wine, ex 6:6-7 to remind us of God’s four areas of intervention.

1. God said I will bring you out ( wake up call)

2. I will deliver ( I will free you in a blink of an eye) No matter what situation God will deliver you

3. The cup of redemption ( buy back, atonement). God will redeem even the undeserving.

4. Having a now relationship with God. Building strong relationships with God and each other.

Stay tuned for more……………Easter celebrations with Praise City International.

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Take the clock off of snooze

Today the common cry is that we need a REVIVAL!!! A REVIVAL in the hearts of believers. Why??? Because the church of God is currently not operating in its place of power. The hands of the believers are dropping and there is a need for power and fire to be rekindled in the people.

But is this what we really require?Revivals are usually only here for a season and are not permanent. People get excited about a movement of God and then go dormant in the next. A spiritual tidal wave of highs and lows.

What we require instead is unity in faith where we become our brother’s spiritual keepers. We become steadfast in keeping the flame lit in temple. Where we are the temple and the fire is the anointing, Rom 12:10, 1Peter 3:8.

As the song writer said Burn baby burn…disco inferno. Turn it up with praise!!!!!!

Let us not be like the foolish virgins who allowed their oil to go low and their light to go out, Matt 25:1-13. Fan the flame and feed the fire of holy Spirit that brings enabling power.

Together we must ensure that we aren’t fools and don’t allow those who have been awaken to snooze, Eph 5:14.

Believers…..remember the Lord thy God. Place things in front of you to remind yourself… singing in psalms and spiritual songs to keep you fire burning. The time to manifest is now!!!

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Amazing Grace

We continue with part 2 on Grace……

Grace is more than you can conceptualize. It’s indescribable, infallible….words cannot describe it. For 2018 it is important to know that living and walking by the grace of God is sufficient.

The Grace of God is going to hit the world in a massive way, disrupting man made thinking and logic.

Never be moved by darkness… Arise and shine for the light is come, Is 60:1. Pray now believers that the grace of God comes up you. Lord take us to indescribable realms of the grace of God. Live in the grace of God.

People will be healed by the grace of God. Great miracles will be performed by the AMAZING GRACE of God.

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The power of the Blessing


The power of the blessing is not be taken lightly. It is more powerful than money. Today we see the impact of Noah’s blessing on his three sons. The blessing known as the Grace of God in the new testament is transferable.

We see a trail of impartations of the blessing in the bible from Noah, Isaac, Jacob, Moses…… Grace is all sufficient, 2 Cor 12:9, and defies all logic. No need to haunt yourself by man made righteousness. GOD does not deal with your trespasses, psalm 103:12

However you have to grow in grace. Growth can only come when there is new knowledge. Knowledge that Jesus paid the price for our sins and we are no longer under the law but Grace. Understanding that the kingship was passed on to him through the blessing that Joseph bestowed on Judah.

Grace is inexplicable and does not follow reason or operate by the laws of science. A higher law comes in to focus as in miracles. A law that turns nothing (the God particle) to something…. Let the grace of God be established in you today. In 2018 trust in grace.

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The Mystery in ONE



We have been taught that one means singular. Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord, Deut 6:4 KJV. However Gen 1:26 says And God said, Let us make man in our image. Who is this us? One here means unity instead of singularity. Jesus prayed for us 2,000 years ago that we shall be one (unity), John 17:21 That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us. 

What connects us as one? The spirit of God . We are all one in the spirit. This is why he who does not have God’s spirit is not of him and cannot be in unity with God. The spirit bears witness in you. Jesus had a greater witness the father in him. The Father collaborates the story through the spirit. This is why it is important to be one with the spirit of God and with believers in Christ.

The day of Pentecost was fully come when the people were in one accord, Acts 2:1. Being in one accord allows the Spirit of God to flow so that God’s power can be manifested in a place. As believers operating in dis-accord can cause many to be weak and sickly when we take of holy communion. We are to settle all rifts in the body of Christ then partake in communion. For we know our God is not the author of confusion, 1Cor 14:33.

Happy people cultivate happy thoughts.

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Do you live on Grumble Street in Murmurville?

Today is a good day to do a self check!!! Do you live on Grumble Street in Murmurville? Do you complain about the government, the economy, your job, your family, your wife or husband?

True Christians do not murmur. True Christians praise the Lord and don’t miss an opportunity to do so. Psalm 150:6 says “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.”

Getting the fundamentals correct can save you a lot of heartache, “bad luck”, sadness, ill health. If you start praising God like never before, you will see your life transform. When you bless the Lord he blesses you. The blessing of the Lord will make you rich and adds no sorrow.

Note for the day- Stop the frustration and start the living. Happiness is now, not deferred.

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What is the REAL change maker?

New revelations will come from God everyday.This is why it is very important not to forsake the assembling of the body of Christ i.e. coming to church. This will allow us to understand why certain things are not working. However people like to continue in their traditions even though it may be a non working system.
We have to look at things in a result oriented way. People pray and their prayers are not answered. Why ? because they may be missing a part in the puzzle. But what is the real change maker ? Nothing but the Holy Spirit. Teachings cannot really change people but holding on to God  which increases the love of God in your heart Rom 5:5 can.

But what makes your barren field luscious again? ………..rejoicing. Everyday is an opportunity to be glad and rejoice in the Lord. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Pain gone, disease gone….. Life abundantly!

ViBrAtIoNs have power…..emit +ve vibes

Consider the butterfly effect where one seemingly insignificant action of the flapping of the butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane some weeks later.

Just so with the anointing.When you are filled with the holy Ghost you send out miracle vibrations. Miracles to heal and deliver, Mal 4:2. God provides miracles free range as water. We do not have to pray for them.

The air is where vibrations function. The devil is the Prince of the air, Eph 2:2. Therefore we must vibrate more in the anointing to affect our environment.

The key is to desire more of the anointing. Hunger and thirst for it, knowing that what you are doing is impacting the environment, breaking yokes and healing the down -trodden.

Don’t take for granted your visitation. Your visitation is to deposit things in you. It is not you who are waiting on your blessings but your blessings that are waiting for you to receive them. You need to release your burdens and stress. Change your frequencies. Vibrate miracles!!!

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#happycathedral where happy people meet

Happy 2017…Now let us go unto Perfection

We are living in a time of new knowledge. Be wary of experience, it is knowledge from the past especially when new revelations are being revealed everyday. Think about it….standing in the wave of the tide will only push you over. It is time to open your mind to the new things that God is ready to share with us. Move with the flow of the anointing…. rewire those circuits for higher voltage.
It is all about timing. You must be time relevant. Expired teachings must be put aside. Living long is also dependent on this.You cannot put new wine in old wine skin. It will burst!!!!

2017 is a time of promotion in the house of God. It is a time for God to lift up God’s people. In the seventeenth year the windows of heaven were opened, Gen 7:11, a time for the high praises of God to be in the mouth of God’s people, Pslam 149:6. It is time for you to render unto God the things that are for God.What belongs to God?…the tithe, the seed, the firstfruit, the high praises, Sunday worshp. Don’t be left behind….this has been a Praise City moment. #happycathedral, where happy people meet.

Atonement 2016


The day of Atonement is a very important time for the children of God and the appointed time has been set. Once again it is time to go before God and be reconciled unto him. It is a holy time, one for inspection and reflection where we examines ourselves and our relationship with the Lord. It is also a time of blessing where we bring before the Lord all the resources of the earth and have them blessed.

The day of Atonement marks the beginning of the new spiritual calendar and determines the prosperity of the next year. On that note …see animated-eye-image-0282you there!!!! Exciting times are ahead!


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