Outgive God💰

Does the world have problems? How do we solve them?

Today let us share some answers. The answer to the world’s problems is in the sowing of seeds……..Let us give you a moment to think on this 😕 💭.

God has given you seeds to sow. For every situation there is a seed response You can either choose to plant it and receive a harvest 🌾 🌾 🌾 or eat it and produce…..💩💩💩. .

Planting….. which is giving with intention….. is an act of love😍 and sacrifice. God loves a cheerful giver 😀 😀, 2Cor 9:7.

If you sow sparingly you reap sparingly, Prov11:24. Try to OUTGIVE God and see if he will not surpass your expectations.

⚠️ ⚡ ⚠ ⚡⚠️ ️Take heed…..

Avoid encouraging others to give grudgingly.

…Every time you force someone to give an offering, you are contravening the word of God. Remember God knows the heart 💓 of a person. Just as in the laws of the land, INTENTION is key.

Lastly, as in all farming 🚜 practices it is important to plant on fertile ground🌎 . Where is fertile ground? I will leave you with this thought…consider Moses’ rod and how it budded………Until next time..

This has been a Flaming Word Experience

Millionaire in a day 😁😁

Yes, I said it ……a millionaire overnight not figuratively but literally. You can become one also. You don’t believe me….. It’s ok, just read on. This is a lesson in re-shaping your future and not letting the future happen to you…. instead create your future because the future is bright and exciting.

No this is not another gimmick or scheme. NO FOUR PAYMENTS OF $19.99. This is the word of God, written for us to fulfill our path in prophecy. He brought them forth also with silver and gold: and there was not one feeble person among their tribe, psalm 105:37.

The people of Israel came out of Egypt wealthy and strong. They were slaves burdened by the oppressive ways of their slave masters however they became millionaires overnight. Why? I cannot explain it. Only the grace of God. I explained this Amazing Grace in an early post. I suggest you read it 😉.

What do you do next? Work this scripture and rewire your thinking. Arise and dust off those non-working thoughts. A timely new word given for this season of abundant grace.

This has been a Flaming Word experience

Poverty is a Lack of Understanding of Creation

WealthI want you to start to increase your FINANCIAL STATUS. You must begin to manifest abundance in wealth! This is very important to fulfilling the Divine Destiny of the Earth! That which is called Poverty is a lack of understanding of creation!

In fact there should never be any lacks not even in understanding! However, that is the illusion you earthlings experience and it has become your reality. The truth is that I created your world with the abundance of everything! More than you can ever imagine or use, but you were deceived to believe otherwise!

When you know this truth, greed and wars will stop! But that is for another day. Today, I want you, to whom this message comes, to experience More Energy in your life which is the secret of Money! MONEY IS ENERGY. It is a friendly energy! Money vibrates at a particular frequency!

You must begin to LIFT your Mind above fear and lacks and needs and embrace the Abundance of your world! See abundance in everything, THINK ABUNDANCE IN EVERYTHING, love in abundance, give in abundance, praise in abundance! It’s all around you! You have the power within you to create great wealth! Know it!

Do it! Restore my abundance on this earth! You are my vessels that I have chosen to pour out my great abundance into your world! I have hidden that abundance in a secret place! My great treasures is in earthen vessels, yes, it was in you all the time. Stored away in your Hearts! Now I want you to bring it out. Out of the  Abundance of the Heart the mouth speaketh! Speak no more of lacks but from this day forward speak only of abundance!

This has been a Prophetic Word by Bishop Prophet Dave Alleyne