The Blessing


Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

The blessing is a very special impartation which cannot be confused with a blessing. The blessing has weight that no man can revert not even GOD can reverse it, Numbers 23:20 Behold, I have received commandment to bless: and he hath blessed; and I cannot reverse it. We see this in motion when Isaac imparted the blessing to Jacob, Gen 27:27-29, it was irreversable and not even Isaac could recant it. A blessing on the other hand is singular in nature and relates to a specific area.

Abraham gave to his son Isaac the blessing. This blessing is transferrable and brings with it numerable and innumerable benefits. Abraham gave Isaac all that he had , Gen 13:2 (numerable) and also gave the power to be prosperous in everything (innumerable). He passed on the multiplying effect which was part of the Abrahamaic covenant. This same blessing was then transfered to Jacob by Isaac.

Though the impartation was completed by Abraham. The activation of the blessing only came through a specific action. This action was sowing. In Gen 8:22 God said as long as the earth remaineth seedtime and harvest. The blessing was activated when Isaac sowed Gen 26:12, Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him.

If you accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour, we also have access to this same great blessing because Jesus redeemed us by his blood. So by his grace we have access to this multiplier blessing. Just like Isaac we can activate our blessings by sowing.

Exponetial life or energy as in Eistein’s theory (e=mc¬≤) is laid domant in the seed. The only way to release its full potential is to sow it. A seed can answer any question in life. It can open doors, it can expose the truth. However it can only achieve this by being planted on good ground, Mark 4:5 and the percentage of yield is determine by your faith ,Math 9:29.

This has been a Prophetic Flaming Word Experience .



Millionaire in a day ūüėĀūüėĀ

Yes, I said it ……a millionaire overnight not figuratively but literally. You can become one also. You don’t believe me….. It’s ok, just read on. This is a lesson in re-shaping your future and not letting the future happen to you…. instead create your future because the future is bright and exciting.

No this is not another gimmick or scheme. NO FOUR PAYMENTS OF $19.99. This is the word of God, written for us to fulfill our path in prophecy. He brought them forth also with silver and gold: and there was not one feeble person among their tribe, psalm 105:37.

The people of Israel came out of Egypt wealthy and strong. They were slaves burdened by the oppressive ways of their slave masters however they became millionaires overnight. Why? I cannot explain it. Only the grace of God. I explained this Amazing Grace in an early post. I suggest you read it ūüėČ.

What do you do next? Work this scripture and rewire your thinking. Arise and dust off those non-working thoughts. A timely new word given for this season of abundant grace.

This has been a Flaming Word experience

Orange Your Neighbourhood




Orange your neighbourhood , a United Nations 16 day initiative to bring a stop to violence against women. The borough of Chaguanas heeding the call to unite local streets, shops and businesses

This event was held at the Borough Corporation of Chaguanas on 25th November 2014. Master of ceremonies Inspector Wayne Mystar, opening greetings were brought by The Worship Gopaul Boodan Mayor of Chaguanas,
Speakers Dr. Dave Alleyne, President and CEO of Flaming Word Cathedral.

Other Attendees  and speakers Deputy Mayor Mr. Debideen Manick, Senior Superintendent Johnny Abraham, Billy Ali, Director of Economic Development Board, Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development. Vice Vishnu Charran vice president of Chaguanas Chamber of Commerce, Daniel Austin Marketing Manager xtra Foods. Gary Tigilly. Sherry-ann Ramlal representative from Ministry of Culture and Gender affairs.

This event was organised by Flaming Word Ministry.

This is a Flaming Word Ministry Experience

From Woe to Wow


God wants to turn your woes to wows.¬† He does not want you to have the ups and downs of trouble and issues. Man was born into woe but 1Peter 2:9 says that we are called forth to show God’s excellence…… The Wowness of God.

Let’s take a look a Christianity today. It consist of a lot of people pretending to know who they are! Professing the word of God but not actually believing and acting on the word of God. God’s word has become vain repetition.

Have we decided to be a Royal priesthood, to show forth God’s excellency and the praises of him who brought you forth into his marvellous light. It is time to say NO to trouble and say YES to enlarging your territory like Jabez and a trouble free life.

We all have the WOW factor in us because greater is he that is in us than he of the world. We all have something to show this world. Time to have this magnificent obsession and break the attitude of sorrow because truly there is no stopping us.

Let us rewrite our stories of horror shows and instead write comedies, adventures and blockbusters. Let no one keep you in a box anymore.

Remember to LET GO………. of past hurts and disappointments

Have an attitude of gratefulness and rejoicing.

This has been a Flaming Word Experience

International Men’s Day



Men representing and making their pledge to always develop themselves, never disrespect women, men, girls and boys. To strive to be good citizens. To be good role models for their children, their community and their church.

HOMBRE – Helping Our Men Become Really Empowered

This has been a Flaming Word Experience


miracleI am concerned how you continue to fall short of your Glory!

I am Glorified whenever you function in Glory!

Don’t misunderstand the meaning of Glory.

There is much I can tell you, but at this time I will make you aware of one aspect of Glory, which is to maximize your potential!

Now, learn this truth,¬†you think of life as a Game. You refer to it as the Game of Life. I assure¬†you that it is n…ot, rather¬†your life is a Serious Experience! Serious in that it’s a series of events that qualify or disqualify¬†you for higher and greater experiences of Life!

Your Life consists of  three (3) components РDEEDS, WORDS and THOUGHTS! These are all interactive and are causal in creating experiences. Each one is a stand alone and comes into judgment. Your words are judged, your thoughts are judged and your deeds are judged. Together they determine your Level of Glory!

START TODAY, to seriously examine every component and make this habitual and look how your experience will attain greater Glory! Align your thoughts, your words and your deeds to my prophetic purpose and you will be qualified for Higher Levels of Life!

This has been a Prophetic Word by Bishop Prophet Dave Alleyne

Prophetic Words for The Fourth Day of Awe


These Prophetic Words has been brought to you by Bishop  Prophet Dave Alleyne

 There is a spiritual place that I desire my children to live in, it is called Barak РEulogia Рthe state of Blessedness!

This was the call that I made to Abraham many thousand years ago.

I ask him to leave the carnal life that he was living and follow my leading into a life of Blessedness and he was Obedient.

Even so, I call you today to enter a deeper walk with me and to… follow my leadings which my Spirit will place in¬†your heart.

Barukh Atai Adonai! Jabez cried out unto me – Lord, that you would Bless me indeed! And I did! So would I do to you this day! –

Thus saith Elohim! – Create a Great Day –¬† And I further say to you, Yevarechechem Elohim!


Do you know how many people are churchless? Millions to billions I estimate. Not that some of these people are not aware of church but being a ” stay home” christian seems to be the latest trend. Online churches and services on TV are also encouraging these trends. The truth is, technology is challenging the way traditional churches operate.

Since there is nothing new under the sun, the same ideas that stopped people before still do now. These may include: one – Let me acknowledge my God in my own way, two – church takes unnecessary time that consists of too many tasks (do this, do that), three – If God can speak to the pastor or Bishop, he can also speak to me and four – church stifles my ability to grow in the direction that I desire.

I often wonder if it is a lack of knowledge or just plain denial when such ideas are generated. People claim to follow the teachings of Jesus but Jesus never walked alone! He in fact sort out disciples so the good work could continue (succession planning).When Jesus had fellowship with the brethren, he learned to love, mentor and lead etc.

Fellowshipping with others encourages character building. It allows us to deal with people issues which can be quite difficult at times. People do all sorts of hurtful things which make us lose faith in our fellow christians. Do like Jesus, build character by fellowshipping. Learn to love and keep on loving because unforgiveness is a poison that you take that you hope will work on someone else.

This has been a Flaming Word Experience

Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds¬†“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our minds.
Have no fear for atomic energy,
‘Cause none of them can stop the time” Bob Marley Redemption Song.

OOH La La ! What  a beautiful song from Bob Marley that is deep and meaningful  but is still able to soothe the mind. I use this song to emphasize that we are the key to releasing our minds.

Every day¬†we complain about life’s issues¬†because we fail to act on the word of God. God says in everything give thanks, that is,¬†give thanks for the good, the bad and even the ugly things in life.¬†Don’t you know that such a lil thing as giving thanks can benefits us greatly!

When we give thanks we bring a new perspective to a situation. A new light is shone on it. We may even begin to forgive ourselves in the process because face it, we are our own worst enemy. We condemn ourselves much more than¬†anyone else would.¬† So I have a question “Are we¬†¬†devils in disguise¬†since the devil is the accuser of the brethren?”.

Let us instead, go towards the path of having a heart of thankfulness leaving the old grumpy man behind. Let us not enslave ourselves by our words. Let us shift into the realm where the conceivable is believable. remember, we alone can free our minds.

This has been a Flaming Word Experience